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passion. In shorter phrase, make virtue feel that it is encouraged,

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WILLIAM P. BEr>IOL'lt,M.U- [•n.reBaor of Ubawtiic* ai

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pigs, how^ever, the cause of death in probably every case is not due

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the environment. The 19 islands, and their roughly 145 protect-

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every country from very ancient times, whereas alcoholism,

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wanting in that practical acumen which was necessary

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and undomefticated animals, can only owe their recon-

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the folUcle. and the menstrual flow, are joint eflects of one aud the same cause,

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sanitary character. In England, it has been found that in those

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of entry or at a point diametrically opposite, or may glide inside

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and ftain the fheets with fpots which are not eafily

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tions from the other cecum showed the presence of a core made up of a meshwork

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Water, Lime, L. — Lime, I lb., distilled water, 12 pints.

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fulness and courage. So it is thai he brings air and

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bacteria. Tubes of bouillon and agar were inoculated from the liver. The follow-

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Removal of entire ScaJp ; Wound healed by Skin Grafting. By S.

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that injections of a watery extract of the adrenal glands constantly

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I have had many cases of a similar character since, and found

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different saprophytic bacteria through the agency of which necrosis of the

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strength double that of Roux's, in 27 cases with 3 deaths. The author is

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obliquely striped muscular flbres, giving the appearance of a wave rolling along

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siderate approval. But, under the scorching criticism of eminent scientists, its

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two years, and eighty cases have been successfully treated.

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