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As in our previous papers, all substances were dried to constant

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The mouth, pharynx, and oesophagus are always healthy. The

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J. Simpson Lathern, M.D. (McGill, '83), has passed the

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in the arterial blood supply of the hepatic cell, producing a local accu-

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But closer examination shows that the several morbid changes were by no

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A vertical incision was made midway between the axillary

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material. In 1824, Bardsley brought home from Paris observations

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personal appearance he was compact, robust, and strong. He had always

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effects of old-school malpractice. After having cleansed the system

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what provision or authority is there to fill the vacancy ? What provision or

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instances pigs die from diseases brought on directly by improper feed-

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quent in women than in men in the proportion of seven to one, and is more

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Mushroom-ketchup is apt to lose strength, and turn bad,

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remains unaltered, it is usually thick, pale, and opaque.

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likely to prove very valuable as an aid to the diagnosis of forms

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examining surgeons regarded the resulting disabilities as total and perma-

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Aviad Tamse, b.d.s., Clinical Fellow in Operative Dentistry.

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was struck by lightning ; the cow was killed, and she was felled to the

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in war. In regular warfare they have been employed for setting

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AND EiiTsrPELAS. — Dr. G. H. Felton, of Lvnn, Mass.,

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luxuries or permitting vices which tend to pamper the soldier

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that the content of the blood in fibrin-ferment is in direct ratio

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