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There may be gastro-intestinal ii-ritation, nausea and vomiting ; the

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as to render it almost impossible to establish the exact conditions

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been all that was necessary ; but in some cases it was not sufficient as

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He applied it by means of a sheet dipped in cold water, and folded once

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moderate pains. The os was dilated to about the size of a silver half

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Schmiedecke, v. Drigalski, and Jiirgens) studied carefully the Shiga, Kruse,

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This powerful vasoconstrictor acts quickly to shrink engorged mucous

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on monkeys. All but 3 of 25 monkeys which were inoculated

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1,085 from 1866 to 1870. This increase, it must be observed too,

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exhaled from a plate which was too dense to " read " when it first

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eliminates all the other factors, at least, to his own satis-

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ular changes which interfere with conduction. These changes, although

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Case XL. — The following case of refracture is of interest : The

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right kidney. Second, the gall-bladder region should then be ex-

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Barrett, Orla J. Park, Harry K. Tebbutt, Jr., Theodore S. West

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condition that other and preferable cathartics cannot be given, death be-