jSL Professor of Surgery in University College, London, &c.
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the pyrectic symptoms are greatly abated, and in addition
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rendered less injurious to health when again inhaled. The advantages
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— bromide of potassium, belladonna rubbed into the perineum, chloral, mor-
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World War II than died of wounds in the Far East during
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neutral. The most characteristic condition as regards the urine is the
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should therefore be done as a rule not later than the thirty-sixth week. The
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hand, a left anterior thoracotomy, which is still the predomi-
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mercury, and may be produced by it ; still they often have a
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tonun C 6-8 Extension of first phalanges. 2-5 fingers.
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affected. The diaphragm, the intercostal muscles, the muscles of the
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rapid. The oscillations occurred whenever the patient was raised. The
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upper maxilla, In one case the sacrifice of only the inner or nasal wall
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we have an enlargement upward. There is very rarely any jaundice.
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ventilate and get rid of the dangerous carbon monoxide, after removal of
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Jan. 8, 1886. Mrs. B. returned with the report that she
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mitted. Leeches are not permissible. Females who belong to bleeder families,
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tuberculosis, was examined. Fifth, the disposition of the case was
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puerile. The dullness and absence of the i-espiratory murmur lower down re-
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water, no matter how abundantly it might be drank, as is
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The mode of origin of individual delusive beliefs is obscure, but can
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into the stable, and the speaker was of the opinion that
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in alcohol by an atom of socliimi or potassium respectively.
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treatment of pleural effusions, three periods may be distin-
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velopment and character, would go a long way in settling the
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other hand, according to these and other authors, de-
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cholera; he only claims for it that its action is more decided than any other
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wliicli the operation of opening the oesophagus to search for
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Diagnosis reserved. The following is a report of the analysis
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ty from explosion were derived from Sir H. Davy and Profes-
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hitherto been described, and should be used for the study of the clinical
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liver that is in these cases so often the seat of secondary
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it may have proved, as other than an emergency measure.
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by the growth of the uterus, and the inspiratory and
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remain in the infantile condition. The external signs of puberty fail to
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accounts of many of the severe epidemics that have raged over India."
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fever a complete imbecile. The whole man seems changed. He
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pericardium and pleuritic effusion, not because of similia or con-
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disease ; and he had never seen a further advanced case. In his
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In this connection, the investigations of Popoff (Centralblatt, 1873,
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