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chair. While in the midst of duties of the utmost import-
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opportunities there may be for removing the patient from the influences
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By FuRNEAUX Jordan, F.R.G.S., Sargeon to the Qaeen's Hospital, •
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after which all danger of retraction of the renovated lid will
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jected with fluid, the surfaces would" nowhere have
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thinning is not due to the continued ineffectual at-
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he had his first attack of articular gout, which seized almost simulta?
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8av — the moment has come for taking out the juice. Now what could
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for ligation of the innominate artery at an expenditure of five and a half
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being absent ; and, secondly, that there are no trophic disturbances, and
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until within thirty-odd years, the scientific and the popular world
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had to be adopted to prevent the escape of the serum. In the case of
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has saved the lives of hundreds of children by this
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that is, the amount of activity belonging to a degree of depression,
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culation in the community, that he/she intends to discontinue
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cultatory phenomena produced by the auricles have been fully
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as an antagonist. Politics, philosophy, social science,
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tributed all over the country were, almost without excep-
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the " Medical and Surgical History of the War," in six volumes, for the
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Peter's to St Paul, to be shipped has not exceeded eighteen thousand.
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of secrecy is indulged in by the few Berlin doctors who have access
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small tube which forms the sinus. The bowel with this pedunculated
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in the extravasated blood and in the interstices of the pia mater. In
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subjects. In their report for the year 1810,^ the surgeons of the
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nations. In the first place, the difficulty of examination is increased
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Pacinotti, G[iuseppe]. [Prof., 1st. di anat. patol., Univ. Camerino.]
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■ The patient’s blood pressure fell to 80/60 and blood
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for believing that suppurative action has commenced, the incisions
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most do or can, from a much more extended, and equally favorable
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leaves ; but how much more splendidly ornate are the
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ping the whole milk until skim milk and substitutes are
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can be accomplished, either Zip-coded or were Linda Halvorsen, Kenneth Cotton,
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takes fire spontaneously in it; copper leaf, powdered