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tution of the kind in the city. It was opened in June,

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tain. On the lakes this disease is very rife, whilst on the New England

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Dr. Blackman in the American Journal of Medical Sciences for

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or months, attended with slight mucous expectoration, occasionally

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greater the greater the dilution of the washing solution. This addi-

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life and observing the prescribed rest or exercise. More sanatoriums

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stammerer, and a '' cognate defect of speech " was a

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that the propagation of the beat over the cold-blooded heart is myogenic

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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re

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ing makes me emphatically of opinion that when other means have

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first time with practically no gagging, straining, or nausea. The

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an attack of malaria. When the latter became infrequent as a

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several schools of the cathedrals under the name of

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The subject is well worthy of the consideration of the new

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the longest period of inhalation in any of the cases. This

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If the disease be debility, diffusible stimulants Avill be

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another which has been pointed out by my colleague, M. Natahs

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(i) Chikitsitasthdnam Ch. XIX, 37, ed. J. Vidy^lsdgara.

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Auistant'Surgoon w. M. Noteon. U.S.A., will report in person for

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by reason of any contagious or infectious disease brought into the State by his

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again applied with a bandage. As she had no appetite, and the

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the unique opportunities afforded by Egypt for the study of helminthology

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mentation of the entire skin except the skin of the belly, which how-

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Tumors, erectile, on the treatmentof, by vaccination 87

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in the matter at all, and we may view delusions as simply due

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distress from great distension, and he is finally confined to

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away from the office, it was impossible for me to attend her