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quence of cold, or loss of inward heat, when the stomach

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'3455 l Heineccius, Johann G. Antiquitatum Romanorum

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in man a polynuclear leucocy tosis has been observed : Cabot found

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question of life assurance, and deaf-muteism are all fully

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The paralysis in hemiplegia is always limited to one half of the

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•54081 Bunsen, R. Gesammelte Abhandlungen. Hrsg. W.

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Prevention has not been secured through inoculation with

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that the best time to examine a student is immediately after he

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In the inflammatory class of cases the eruption may be simply a hyper-

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noted in several, but not in the majority of cases, swelling of the follicles,

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but few. Aside from Thacher's Medical Biography (1828), the trans-