good reaction should be secured after the bath. The hardening process
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It also takes a special interest in the cases of physi-
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the heart palpitates, which should simply strengthen its
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-worms were found in her ftomach, and the cardiawas
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of the Base Hospital closely resembles the ordinary civil surgery
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the chest wall, then thinning out into what appears a band under
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testine, and hence speaks of the former as the " cervical
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Med.-Ztg., Berl., v. 15 (52), 2. Juli, pp. 587-589. [\V m .]
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especially certain breeds of sheep such as the improved
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increased. Treatments are now reduced to three a week, and if the
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flushing. I have no doubt the effect of the salt solution is
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and immediately withdrawn, and the same operation is to be repeated daily. K the nrethra
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Before discussing the merits of the various methods of treatment
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and it is one of the great services of Koch that he devised
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cretion. The comparatively increased quantity of solids under the ex-
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by the nervous system in general, and derived from the impoverished con-
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spaces in the papillary and sub-papillary layers are also dilated. The
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the mixed milk of a herd of cows, the resulting mixt-
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The rate of transmission of the pulse wave varies according to the
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becomes normal, and Avith comparatively few exceptions this disturbance
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chloride and benzalkonium chloride — without relief.
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sert. At night the paient may have a bowl of soup, or
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April 30. — Condition same except that temperature jumped to
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* In a case of membranous croup that occurred in this city, the history of
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the synovial membranes suffer. In the heart the white fibrous struct-
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jerking, pulse, may perhaps lead to a strong suspicion ; but auscul-
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great prostration ensue, and death usually occurs in these cases rather
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gas bubbles. The gas bubbles are both large and small. No distinct odor
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gree in 1898. His internship was served in Kings County
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nausea, clearing the throat and |)honatory disturbances,
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with the joint condition. Although one of the large incisions in the
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within a few minutes I injected two or three drops of it under the
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specially addressed, but still more by teachers of anatomy as a stimulus
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years were these patients who would not have come of