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native species in Sheridan county, near Parkman. Thus far

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Bacteriological Data. — This part of the investigation has been con-

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(University of Illinois) ; Attending Physician to the Cook County Hospital,

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purpose of administration. It is often given as a diuretic

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In case it arises from a poisoned wound, cauterize the

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Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Hygiene will hold its last

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paralyzed side, and it may become immobile in glosso-labio-pharyngeal

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forbidden to take their usual diet, but on the contrary

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mitted November 24, 1874. Patient states that he has never been really ill before,

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delivery problems. The Bar Coded Medication Administration system is a state of the art

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of the tumor being due to disease of either the uterus or ovary

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no excuse for any operative interference, and therefore emollient

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before English reading veterinary students a text on micro-or-

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considerable cyanosis, and that the respiration appeared to be

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able kind to treat. In the case of a heavy bulky uterus descend-

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whom the patient was referred, was confirmed by microscopic examination.

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great exertion, heaving of the chest; the inspiration, 1 recoiled

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which are better acquirable from home-teachings than from any school-

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early stage of the complaint, is very extensive. It subsides

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