VIII. Studies on the Relation of Fowl Tsrphoid to Leukiemia of the
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to differences in tubercle bacilli recovered from natural infections of
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and Nongouty Individuals: Its Determination by Folin’s Re-
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xanthine and livpoxanthine, which are oxidized to uric acid hy .rnnthhif-
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erals. Originally developed for infant feeding, the
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serve in 1948: President, A. P. Sargent, M.D.; vice presi-
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ll,,. f;|ti ;,,i,| ..I' III.- \i\<v Tliis is sln.iMi ill 111.' il. m|'iiii>iii'-' tiil.l.'.
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resulted in complete disappearance of complaints and
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■Mhililiipii nl' till' >urr.ii'i'; llir iiImIiiiiii'ii i> ;iI«,'i\-,
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mucous membrane of a monkey having poliomyelitis produced the dis-
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By romp- rinif tho two n.o.l.-s ..f wr shall ho h.'ttor ahlo to
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,'xp,'.i....'nts. pai'tlv ,.., a,-,'......t <■( a ,,'..ia.k.-.l.',' i.T."-'.ila.' .!.sa|.-
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appointment to the people of Missouri and a partial
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Congenital Obliteration of the Bile-ducts. By James B. Holmes, M. D.
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Most of the animals were in the younger classes, and the grand
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the alimentary tract " (1 case). Liverpool Medic.-chirurgic.
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End Results, Surg., Gynec. & Obst. 74:763, 1942.
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small scars. Shortly after the wound was received it was treated by
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is lilli'il witli liic vii.imIIiiI mil. lill material. \liii;li i-~ |pci-uli,-ir in run
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,1,.. fnn..ti.mal perf......a,iees of the diff.-'ent se.4...e..1s ..f the Thus.
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The family and past history were negative. The present Illness was
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for three days. It is frequently shaken during this time and then
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a\('ra!.;c ediiditinns in man //" uniiii n i/iihilimi uf halt lu.^^ Is rljcrlnl hii
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progress of the tubercle. Baviart emphasizes this, but cites cases in
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tive action prevents blood coagulation in the needle;
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“4. Compensation to be at the rate of $10.00 for each
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ber of the staffs of Springfield Baptist, St. Johns
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about her condition and it was not until she went to
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lowered for a type of moviniont antapronistic to that Avliidi tirst occu-
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♦ Abst. in Schmidt's Med. Jahrbuch, 1870, CXLVIII,
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That for the purposes hereinbefore set forth the Secretary of Agriculture shall cause
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Peritoneal Cavity. — ^The spleen is bound down to the diaphragm by fibrous
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dant material. The Chicago Chronicle of September 22, 1906, states
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.-.•iN.. ..f tilts. Til,, pr vs. in ..lli.T w.if.N. |...iiirns .,r tin- i.'iilliurj.-li t
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R. R. Oglevie. Kansas City (1948). Associate Members — Dailey
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Microscopic Section of Kidney Nine Days After Injection. — The capsule
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the attack subsided in only 12 per cent, was static