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Hillsdale Blvd,Ste410, Foster City 94404. (415)345-3020.
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kidney, which had been ruptured transversely through its whole substance.
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The statistics of Madison and Beaver Dam were collected by
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Dr. McLean kindly wrote me December 30th of this year :
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Spontaneous Combustion. — On the 23d of March, 1830, when at the
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Dr. T. S. Bullock : I merely want to say a word in regard to the
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phia." From June 14, 1901, to November, 1902, there were 1,793
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followed by collapse, and death occurs in from two to seven days.
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Walker, Mr. T. S., on glanooma, primary and secondary 163
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cular cycle 48 hours; merozoites 14 to 20, rarely 22 or 24.
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lung. The effusion is usually serous or serofibrinous, but may be purulent,
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