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tality yet, we must suffer from the diseases that come from maturity and
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nervous system. High temperature, then, does not constitute the sole indica-
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siderably swollen and which are not included in this count.
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the mother's statement rather prejudiced me in favour of a simple cold.
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a blow, by over-walking, by the pressure of new shoes, or in fact,
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When convulsions occur during the progress of labor, the
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adhesions of the various pelvic and abdominal organs
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age; but women do not bear children every year. Quite the
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that came before the ophthalmologist. As Dr. Zentmayer had said, the
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Harras was at one time of his life affected with neuralgia of the
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elder — Rhazes and his works — Avicenna — Albucasis — Aven-
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case came under my care, I am unable to give you the after history.
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Hospital, Minneapolis, where he remained until moving
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ing typhoid, pneumonia, diphtheria, catarrh, etc. All these
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mies, and yet in no large city of the world is so much done for
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