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individual liberties were threatened. The division of medical

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fer of this department to tjie proposed "Ministry of Health", the situa-

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opacity, or become uniformly cloudy, and by the fifth day are completely

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nuria requires tannic acid; we seldom give any other remedy, and warmly

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comparatively rare aifection, he thought this case ought to go on record.

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the accident the man had been in constant pain and the eye was red and

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was done on the second day after birth. The incision was made in the

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Frances, Fanny ; Dora, Dolly ; Harriet, Hattie ; Flora, Florence, Flo and Flos ; and

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respects no morbid appearance was observed. In the head, the vessels of the

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At the autopsy there was found a blood clot of con-

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women — particularly young women — fall more easily under the influence

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deafness with occasional pain. April 16, the adenoids and tonsils were

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warrant the expectation of acquiring character in their profes-

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illustrations. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunders Com-

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Let us, however, turn to what we may praise. The drawings of the boneSi

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deformity may be permanent, due to true or false ankylosis, disloca-

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extension by sol\dly inmiobilizing the pelvis, during which the surgeon

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generally very little can be accomplished. The film, "Fight to

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May 14-15— Northwest Spine Review Course. Seattle Fri-Sat. Contact:

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and immediately afterwards the patient was placed upon the table and

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ment of the disease and the time when it starts actively upon its

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The thyroidal congestion of menstruation is relieved

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gorgement may only produce a suspension of the secretory process,

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Medico-Ehdrical Ajpjparatus and its Application forms the subject of