of the spinal column, and just below the last rib. They are about
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per twenty-four hours be at least 0.024 gm. (Amounts smaller than
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flowers are borne all on one side of the floral axis and are
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We should mention as belonging to the period of which we
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the necessity of repairs for a longer period. The frailty with which many instruments
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absorbed, marked deformity results. The lung can no longer expand to
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pneumonia it helps us to gauge the extent to which the lung is affected,
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teen ounces of milk in a similar manner, and in a few minutes the vomiting and
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pathologist's side of the question, which we would naturally
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returning from the country she first came to my office on the
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One question is so sure to arise in the mind of one who compares the
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Prudden, T. Mitchell: On the Etiology of Diphtheria. An Experimental Study.
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to at an early period. The treatment which he prac-
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been stored in the tissues and must have passed into the circulating
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by him and countersigned by the examining committee, or a majority of them ;
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Napier, op. cit., vol. v. pp. 620-621. The numbers of strength and losses
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ration was well under way when the patient died. In Reid's case (111.)
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In this case the new orifice was a large one. As the
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specific antidote to the syphilitic virus ; or believe
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BaMjim, Newmarket ; Mr. Hccfon^ Cambridge ; Mr. Brcvcney
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soda, potash, or ammonia, nitre, iodide of potassium, muri-
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mence with low pressures, and increase them gradually
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appear. This absorption may induce constitutional symp-
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