ister it deliberately at certain times of the day. He

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wall of the tube may result in diffused dilatation, also.

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which he said was much decomposed, and, when tm-ned over, emitted a cloud

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primarily produced; and as an example particularly pertinent, we cite

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party. Sir Walter then turned round, and, taking up

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regions in which they predominate stain lightly by the pyridine-silver method.

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rectal evacuations are involuntary ; the pulse becomes thready,

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treatment of phthisis. More promising than all these the author

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Cannabis Indica in the Treatment of Gastric Neuroses and

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able ; the pain was leas severe, the limbs could be moved a little,

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the heart ; nine out of sixty-six cases had died from apoplexy,

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is rising in spite of complete rest in bed, and also with patients of the

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walls to a height of about 5^ feet. The operating room on the main

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where State or municipal laws provide for the quaran-

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Aug. 19th four cows were found to have the lung plague

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urethra may prolong the gonorrhoea for several weeks or even months.

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stimulating influence which the salt solution has upon the heart. This

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flour till the whole is of a bright yellow. Pour this into

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London, 1836, vol. i. p. 457. — 40. Corin. Bull, de I'acad. roy. des sc. de Bely. Bruxelles,

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Tables XXVII to XXXI inclusive give the results with

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wound bled quite freely so that the ambulance-surgeon, who

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on Wednesday evening, February 16th, at 7.45 o'clock. Com-

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pulse seldom below 100. His greatest tenderness and pain were in the left

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had continued for twelve days. There had been, first of all, a little

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though not forming a part of the lower nerve segment