Treatment of Fracture of the Patella. — The surgical world
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With regard to the indications for nephrectomy, for
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732. Graham Puffs— Ingredients— To i qt. of Graham flour, add %
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and incontinence of the pylorus as associates. In place
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with the supply of food, and its preparation is excel-
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gency hospital, and the St. Joseph’s Sisters nursed
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tributed largely to medical literature, especially in relation to
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toms are all of a typhoid character, feeble pulse and great
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llie cord. The charaeler of thtr internal heniorrliage
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Sibilant rhonchi may be heard in all parts of the chest, especially in
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chronic. The very moment the acute condition subsides, it merges
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be pardoned if he fails to suspect its true nature, for until paralysis
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superadded the greater thickness of the epidermis, and its greater
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of an old attack of pai-ametritis. There was, however, no swelling
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and other minute gastropods abound. In some of the cases in which it
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culation, and probably a good deal depends on the degree of arterial
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the face, and in nearly every case those of the back. As
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In Peru, and. among many people we are in the habit of calling
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by eminent medical men, and the results published to the world; buu
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them. In those cases that could not endure the application of
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there may be very many sources of tluit peculiar symptom; really any
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and thus ouros both of thoj^^ disc^rders. Of these three pro-
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the real man, and Brunton is as he was in our student days,
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Abnormalities in the secretions on exposed mucous surfaces and in
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consequence of purulent inflammation or gangrene in the adjoin-
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security, while English engineers aided the Austrians in
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