was 16,960, a decrease from the previous year of 299, or 1.73 per cent.
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Sir Edwin L.andseer is lying seriously ill at Stoke Park, we are happy
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taken by the aid of a mirror. All the injured parts from those killed
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.St. Thomas's, 9.30 a.m. — St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. — King's
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• A tendency to regular or nearly reRular intermissions and attacks of the disease
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engaged in trade ; or who dispenses medicine, or makes any engagement
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be able to show fourteen quarters upon his coat of arms, and an un-
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answer for a heavy list of deaths of brave men. Our own .Societe de
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and has expressed a wish that they may be in the first place sent to
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sanitarj' condition of his district. Of course, special localities and special circum-
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London; Dr. Gee, Liverpool; Dr. McBride, Cirencester; Dr. E, D. JLipother,
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exerted themselves to obtain signatures to the memorial by which the
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an^Jv ^^i!; Nay, more, I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one
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would not return after excision, and experience corroborates this.
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inflammatory mischief in the entire uterus, or in a limited region, may
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cases, desirable to apply counterirritation rather near the part inflamed.
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fully occupied in the course of a few days, and placed under the medi-
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was some effusion into the peritoneal cavity, with a markedly fa-cal
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Dr. Se-\ton : I am not directing my observations against any men,
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of the arteries in renal disease : while, in paresis, the nervous plexus of
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fluid, forms a pleasant effervescing aperient peculiarly
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Forbach alone twelve perforating wounds of the skull. We endeavoured