Pig. 1. Normal red blood corpuscles of a fowl stained with methylene blue and
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serve our country and do our duty, while every clerk in every depart-
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By M. G. dc BRUIN, instructor of obstetrics at the State Veterinary School, Utrecht.
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nued after they were declared unnecessary ; in short, up to this
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oriGce, to secure adhesion and to prevent any future de-
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work in medicine and zoology, 10; (6) medical and zoological
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he reached the College, he made no complaint of any in-
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evolved long before they present evidence of intelligent motor activity,
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but only an arsenical poisoning. Is the state to impose a penalty for re-
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have warmly approved of the efforts they have made for
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Some of the best veterinary advice and ability in Europe
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mashes. Give a nightly alterative, (Vet. Pharm. 129, No. 1 or 2)
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cine, diagnosis and therapeutics, took definite shape
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on the same dish, and white mashed potatoes should always
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concentration of the enzyme is changing during the course of the re-
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cases, that the onset occurred in the morning in 37, in the evening in 33, at
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improvement in the direction of accuracy. He dwells on
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Ni4(Fe203)4(P 2 5 )2,8H 2 0, the form in which iron exists in
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regard to gonococci and their relationship to cases of purulent ophthalmia : —
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metritis, directly in consequence of the labor. The blood oozing
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and even forcing the feet out of their natural position ! How
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feel that the destruction of this great city of ours, which, my
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bougies after the operation, but he now considers this precaution
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conveniences, could be secured at reasonable rates.
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iodoform simple, or with an equal part of tannic acid, which seems