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senility, in short, in temporary and final fatigue. This emphasis

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somiasis, these two types of infection present totally different problems.

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either an acute or sub-acute and chronic course ending

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of recurrences in the nervous system. The reaction of

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and the twentieth month, always selecting a time when the child's

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The Secretary then read the annual report of this committee, to be read

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Forty-one pregnancy urines were incubated with placenta, as noted

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and ovaries are normal and uncongested, or when the ovaries

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tip of the finger for about half an inch about the inter-

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ness or to sustain the influence of the organ. Professor

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tient was able to attend school again. This improved

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These occur frequently here, and their treatment by Quinine

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Post-mortem examination showed a large growth, hard and

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by Dr. Blackman. The next operation of the kind, of which we have any

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within the thoracic cavity, is filled by the expanding movement of the

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receive Commissions as Surgeons in the Royal Navy, and will undergo a course

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frequent occurrence in the bilious remittent fever as seen

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Chlorate of Potash in the Buffalo Central Hospital, by C. 0. F.

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