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James Roy Blayney, Director of the Walter G. Zoller Memorial Dental Clinic.

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TtBtuMkm from English into Latin Prose. (2) Translation into English of an

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ordinary to the Queen, c. I820. 33. 37. l. I827, 28.

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lated students who have completed their first year of hospital study.

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reveals, particularly in the immediately surrounding tissues, numerous fatty

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tion, a certificate from a recognised vaccine department in an hospital,

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obstetric operations and manipulations, induced termination of pregnancy. Forceps,

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Other phenomena are added to the above when the hematoma occupies its

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other half is free Tu. and Th. afternoons. The externs in OB are not free at all. Externships are 2\ courses

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3. Adduction of the metacarpus (M. adductor et caput profundum flexoris

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true neuritis. [Syphilitic processes may, of course, involve individual nerves,

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inhibit attacks in hysterical patients. In such cases we never have to do with

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Ophthalmology, Otology, Diseases of the Throat, Medical Jurispru-

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alternate years. Subjects of exa/nwnation: Practical Medicine and^

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221, 230, 240, and 261, and 3 courses in biochemistry: either Biochemistry 301, 302,

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Consulting Oral Surgeon: Dr. Frederick B. Moorehead.

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or both. A purely medical practitioner, however, is not entitled to

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broadened by a persistent tonic contraction of the facial muscles (see Fig.

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primary systemic degeneration of the peripheral sensory neurons, both of

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tremities, including fractures, with special reference to and examination in the surgery

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certificate are permitted to attend this course free of charge."]

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come more marked, and very often cystitis gradually develops. This stage

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of note that the muscles that always act bilaterally (frontal muscles, muscles

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absent altogether. The most common form are hallucinations of hearing ; next,

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the Faculties (secular), FeUow Commoners, Scholars.