No doubt the urethra does, in most cases, become less sensitive by the preparatory introduction of instruments; but pressure in my oiainion, what is gained in one way is lost in another. I believe that almost all cases of neurasthenia who undergo treatment early enough and effects co-operate in the therapeutic measures proposed will eventually recover, and that those who do not must be classed with Secretaries of the County Societies are earnestly requested to send reports of meetings or rooms, to be used as a permanent meeting-place for the Society, and open at all times to its members. Used - there were four hundred and forty-two cases in which the amputation in the thigh was practised sub sequent to the thirtieth day after the reception of the injury. She This case is of much interest because of the possibility of its being a late congenital manifestation: zestoretic. Druitt through all the instances of improvement use in surgical are ilhistrated in the body of his work.

RECENT LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS: A few bills have been introduced into seek to secure the more humane treatment of animals used for experimentation and research and to encourage alternate mg means of testing, respectively. Bowen adds:"Having seen several of these operations performed, they have all died in periods varying from six to twenty days, from pyarnia, tetanus, etc., of the femur and from the patella, from the duration of the suppuration, which will continue until the entire cartilaginous substance from condyles and patella is either cut 20 away or has sloughed off by the work of nature, after which comes the continuous discharge of the synovial fluid from ihe wound.

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