revised and corrected to date. Price, #> 1.25 per dozen gummed sheets.

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Vol. CXLI, No. 18.] JiOSTON MEDICAL AND SUIidlcAI. ./<)li:.\.\L.

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cade 1860-1870 the proportion is over 4.9 to 1 ; while in

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Fagge i^^) ; the former, however, considered that the lesion was

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the freezing-point. The affusion must be rapid, and so managed

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together, and two negatives (marked n n) brought in contact. In this

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nal wall, and causes it to slide by pushing towards the opening,

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The operation is very apt to be followed by a bl ly discharge for

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tality of 43 per cent; of 2 cases with 15 to 30 colonies per cc, 2 died;

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causes of death. A pamphlet on '' Statistical Treatment of

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Sologne, Bourbon, and Bresse, as well as in other permanent centres

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and pulverized, 1 teaspoonful; mix and bottle tight. Use

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to the duration of a malady whose commencement nearly always

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splendid success of the operation. We believe, with the

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results, and was pursued only and solely for that rea-

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consider some similar provision for other meritorious cases?

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1913, she had a recurrence, beginning in May, manifested by erythema, sore

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In the application of this system of weights and measures

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earliest definite record of scarlet fever dates from the year 1543, and

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showing by results the relative value of each method of cure.

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ings in proportion to the width of the street they face. No

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sodium phenolsulphate, tannopin, tannoform and ur-a-sol. (5) As

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around the sore ; do this 3 times a day and inside of a week

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ges, Pottawatamies, &c. In 1833, there occurred 9 cases of epidemic

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The aconite should be given in the first dilution, twenty to thirty

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to the welfare of the system because as a rule it is the

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Use of Antiplatelet Agents in the Management of Thrombotic

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been painful and caused a restless night. Bitter tonic mixt. ^j. thrice a day;

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resulted in higher antibody levels than the 0-, 1-, and 2-

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addition to cerebral anatomy, and no physician can study its

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signs of fluid in the ventricles. If the patient continues after a slight remis-

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Therefore only use warm milk about the ears, with a decoc- '

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observers, and to one in which the intestines were not even

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difficult to find any scale of comparison for the grandeur

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American sarsaparilla root, yellow parrilla, dandelion