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free treatment at the mineral baths to any soldiers or sailors invalided

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Williamsport-Dickinson Junior College; University of Pittsburgh

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to the choroid plexus and this hormone stimulates to activity the

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temperature, 101° ; respiration, 30 ; is most comfort-

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Service of the University of Toronto is giving a special course for

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what I knew about blood clotting, I found that, try as I would,

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malignant change may occur. (Benj. Moore, Liverpool, Proc. Royal

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Statistical Area [SMSAJ criteria). Table 1 describes the geo-

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regularly, during the intervals of menstruation, the cold astringent

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propositions, there are none which are to be considered as involving a special

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electrolysis) twenty-two years ago. The result was a

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trichinella spiralis. J Parasitology 62:865-870, 1976.

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reflexes next disappear, respiration ceases, and cardiac paraly-

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raises his foot and makes a kick ; the leg when fully extended must

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In closing the discussion Dr. Collins said that she had worked

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countenanced by the General Assembly, who refused to comply

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second, and third toes being painful and rather blue.

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country, that as often as the disease is manifested among cattle, and

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college, was appointed Emeritus Professor of Diseases of Children.

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Admission and Death-rates per Mille from Enteric Fever in the European

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in the first instance through the mucous lining of the gut. This

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speed. The preparation would undoubtedly give rise to severe, possibly to dan-

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