reference committees and the House of Delegates as they deliberate; and
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fulfilling an old prophecy that when the Nile water flowed into
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exhil)ile(l similar symptomaticul and jiatliological asp(!cts. A series of experi-
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these nice little girls to be taught all these horrid things." She
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portion of the sexes in older communities, so that females are in
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be so striking a characteristic, at least until a recent date, of the rav-
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excitement associated with temulence, but from its tendency to de-
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ment of the soft tube at a distance of 20 to 40 centimeters, with
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In all these cases there existed a stricture in some part of
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The same Committee of Arrangements was chosen as acted at the late
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ing of the following: — Twenty quarts ground oats, ten
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I could not stop him. With his characteristic strong mind, his
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parison with the excellent monograph which has lately emanated
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mittee on the subject of the revision of the, United States
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discovered that the patient had begun to menstruate a few days
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and il does not prove that the nervous system is at all oonnected vrith
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length, consisting of a bundle of simple hairs without branches.
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one better than straw w r hen litter of any kind is used, as
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moribund. Shortly after, a very coj)ious discharge from the
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thyroid hormones should be given intramuscularly in cases of delayed
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death, the organisms can be demonstrated in the circulation often only a
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tion. He did not seem very willing to answer the question, but
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dred and ninety-seven active Fellows and to the fom- Branch Secretaries.
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ably the probabilities of such a mode of causation, and while
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The absolute as well as relative diminution in the num1)er of
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functions has, so far as I am aware, not attracted the attention
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equal improvement exists in the mechanical execution of the work, rendering it in every respect
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pounds. This condition is extremely unstable; it is subject to
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au point de vue de la hygiene de la vue ; Annales d' hygiene
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dT which thrombi are composed. What that material is,
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with their material accumulations ; and when Rome became so sick with
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causation, have seen obliterative phlebitis, and have traced the
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like the development of the oak from tin' aeorn, whose numerous,
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without sleep for a considerable part of each night, w-ell and good ;