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tions are, of course, observed prior to and during the operation,

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vestigates the nature, power, and quality of everything

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the Committee on a Sanatorium for the Nervous Poor, perhaps

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{B) (i) Bismuth oxychloride is slightly more opaque to the X-rays

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Dr. D. Clark, of the Toronto Asj'lum, can remember a few

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abscess. The symptoms of deep brain abscess may be divided

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tion, and hectic fever, coming on after the subsidence of the acute

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antiseptic treatment should be instituted, combined with such measure

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(our supply having run short), injections of testicular liquid, or,

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Indian hemp, and other equally heroic internal remedies. Many

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to eat ; it soon grows weak ; staggers in walking ; turns purple

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it is put forth for the good of the profession, and the

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