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1905 g. — Le chat est tres sensible au surra. [Abstract of 1905 a, by Castelet]
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all in a general way. To this end it is due the Station that it have the
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bution to that produced by section of the posterior roots ; or, in the case
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stomach opening. Repeated vomiting after gastroenterostomy has been
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The Streptuthriccs are a connecting link between the
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strongly argues that the condition is essentially the same as one
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By R. A. LuNDiE, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S. Ed., Edinburgh.
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grene, to distinguish it from Idiopathic Gangrene, which, though
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servant of the state, paid out of taxation or special medical contribution;
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first business meeting was held in Chicago in Time, 1948.
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by means of sutures, I must declare myself a convert to the
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suggested by the numerous specialists to whom it had
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germs which absorb the ozone, arguing that their oppo-
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Angioneurotic edema (1) is described as an acutely appear-
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iq>pearance showed that these cavities were very old.
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The report from the neurological clinic was negative. The .r-ray
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Dougl.Ls .\rgyll Roliert.son. M.D.. LL.D., F.K. C.S.Ed., and J.
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not been explained. It would seem that the radiation is suf-
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