for food, but too much weariness to take it ; a spreading and deepen-

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" My attention was directed to the improved treatment of these cases of early

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were based upon the report of the meeting as published in

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was the Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Booth

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I :k requires reduction in dosage or, rarely, discontinuation and institution of appropriate therapy.

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When once an attack of retention has occurred, it usually is not

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ning in the schools of Cleveland. The Board of Edu-

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a local examination in every case of this kind, as, if this had

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"we understand many things which are apparently contradicted

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have necrosis of the pedicle, and in the very next breath

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membrane of a healthy stomach are not affected by the

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the greatest fall in 24 hours being .821 inch on the 1st. The

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The variations appear to be due partly to an altered position

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feet was 5.10 gm. and 4.47 gm., respectively, per 100 c.c. per minute

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diphtheric and some normal horse serums — are given for compari-

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which every one must have known was draining away the

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of a large amount of foul pus, and disclosed a cavity

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the only colonies which attract attention, and if other colonies of similar

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latter opinion ; nrir, becaufe it Hill remains certain,

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uterine inertia? 9. How soon should the cord be ligated? Give your

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portion to the (quantity of milk consumed. The suspected fi^oats

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was very weak, and counted 120 per minute, and the temperature was 99° '5.

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and tertian varieties of the disease ; in the second, the pigmented

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only performed this operation in cases of great urgency.

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1837. A. B. (Harv.) 1834; M. D. (Harv.) 1837. Mem. Coun-

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Bald Mountain, August 15, 1892; Union Pass, August 11. 1894

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This condition is usually classed as atony of the stomach.

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The evil influences of smoke are now no longer confined to