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portion of the cord in this age. A comparison of figures 56, 40,
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of the parts, I have been accustomed to confine the pa
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with Graves's disease, but similar nail changes might be due to various causes.
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horses. [Abstract of 1902 e, by A. Liautard] <Am. Vet. Rev., N. Y., v. 26
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occupation for a year or 'so, his health suffered ; he lost weight, his appe-
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are not always efficient if the raw material happens to contain spores
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before allowing them to mix with their clean flock. Where
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Cultivations on agar-agar from the left lung kept in the hot
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side exposcnl to the direct solar rays. Su(;h an ob-
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with smaller minds, of prescribing for himself, of being his own
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the limb forward, which has suddenly slipped. Examination per
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and withdrew 450 grammes (nearly a pint) of a fluid as clear as
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us from gauging the extent of their duplicity or getting
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'59082 Gadow, H. Amphibia and reptiles. (Camb. nat. hist.,
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These considerations would throw light more especially upon the
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Vol. I., p. 72. 4 The Throat and Nose and their Diseases, 5th edit., 1899,
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tainly have been fatal to her. On the ninth day from
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copper ; whilst Simon regards the ague symptoms as due to the ad-
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arsenic uninterruptedly except from April 2nd to the 4th,
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The appearance of a suflfocative cough, attended with progressive
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favourable. Death has, however, followed from haemorrhage consequent
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this field, we must attract more of our finest students into it. Only then can
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fistulge, the presence of foreign bodies, and in diseases of the
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and. consequently, attended with more danger at the
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both sides and posteriorly by a less degenerated portion (represented by the
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have been in Connecticut. He had graduated but a short
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contagious animal diseases in Britain. I do not think our American
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region and in Connecticut for the past five years, most of the time, and when at home
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found to exist. Irritability of the bladder is present in a fairly
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luxury of too much water and the accessories of the bath. The
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