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be detected in the blood the cure is not regarded as complete.
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acute articular rheumatism, that gout is a chronic diathesic dis-
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hand in the diagnosis of conditions, and to aid in the serum therapy
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a tumor in the corpus callosum. The first is the early
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to the Royal Army Medical Corps itself, or to the sister services of the various
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tained, and do not breed from mares and horses, which,
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(S3 1 ) Wady 'Arabah. (Palestine exploration fund.)
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the tumor invade inside the cranial vault? The NMR coronal
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doses exerts au effect directly opposite to the one de-
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years old, who was destroyed by the cold bath. .She was affected with enipliy-
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pendent of pecuniary patronage, and consequently free to pursue a course
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like its physical self, but which cannot be separated
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met with in epithelial or scirrhous cancer, but only those of organizing fibrous
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pass through the stage of yS. oxybutyric acid. In health
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However, primary involvement occurs in the second-year with the "Immunology, Host Defenses
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ness ; ovary not felt ; no change in percussion noted
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increases proportionately with the organic matter, its deter-
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ology, pathology, and chemistry, and occupying the time,
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ogy), S. Madhavan, F.S. Mandel (biostatistics), A.C.
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(4.) A. S., male, aged eighteen months; 111 one month; the exudation on the
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Emil v. Wolfif, of Hohenheim, Wurtemberg, whose monumental
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servation, except from its concurrence with the well-known fact that there is a less
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chioles were incompletely blocked by desquamated epi-
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tinal obstruction, one from hemorrhage, one from dysen-
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to different degrees of gravity were altered. In very early times,
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inserted and no attempt was made to unite the incised
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— of strength and of iveahness. Sthenic and Asthenic ex-
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Diseases of Animals Act, 1894 ; Babies Order o/1897 ; Importation
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be looked for at the expiration of eight or ten hours, and,
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" bilious cholic'' Was very prevalent. Of the diseases reported under
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the dural and pal sheaths of the optic nerve ; the nerve
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Optical defects. — Though deserving of separate consideration, there is
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Again, what is the difference between the bestial sexual-
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inferior and anterior to the left adrenal gland. It was