Lemons. — The fruit of the Citrus limonium, and one I

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after this my attention was again called to this man. He

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causation. Fish diet causes much less of this overloading of

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after he had been unsuccessfully treated by all the usual methods for

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there is no bathtub at hand, a hip bath may be arranged for this pur-

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These methods are particularly applicable to the weak

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dough, not much water being added, and thus the starch gran-

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edema of the cerebral cortex has been noted. The peripheral nerves

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underbrush, high fences or walls, and so on. One attack usually

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another, since two or more may be illustrated at once by a group of

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ment is useful; but a difference in the after-treatment is required.

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the organs and their functions which come under the domain of its

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to a reservoir of flexible dimensions, whose mission it is to receive tem-

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take per oram suflBcient nourishment to support life. In such cases we

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or cream-color, and the gills are pink, going on to dark brown

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in the blood-vessels, and hence it is a much rarer mode of propaga-

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been our good fortune completely to restore the power to her arm and vision to

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in the East of two thousand feet elevation or less. The North

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of the invading parasite may be determined by altered soil-conditions —

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doubtless an interruption of the blood supply to the brain and to the

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and soon or late a typhoid condition of the system is developed.

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may even, as in a case I saw recently with Dr. I. Newton Snively, be

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bath influences the respiration peculiarly. Even at 102° F. the fre-

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appendages weighed eight pounds. The woman died several

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and later an inorganic salt of iron, with quinin and strychnin, may be

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suppose it was nine. Each succeeding year three were droi>ped

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of the same character as that of true typhoid. The fever, however,

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with it, nor can I altogether imagine its rationale. One thing

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vances in the treatment of stomach ailments and in feeding

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stem ones have a mean, leaning, cast-down look, showing

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sis, and intestinal disturbances as due entirely to the removal of de-

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ice, champagne, dilute hydrocyanic acid, and cocain hydrochlorate should

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nation consistent with my belief of the cause of the disease,

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This observation confirms the value of the old-fashioned poultice, cov-

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The scab resulting from a vaccine vesicle on a healthy child was for-

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hyperemia is always accompanied by contraction of the blood-vessels

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Tuberculosis of some form may mask it, and a word or an

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Whether in any given case the destructive forces, on the one hand,

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a tone in which every part of the arterial circulation participates if

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