used for food. Particular attention should be given to the milk, since we
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tuberculosis is accompanied by a hopefulness that is peculiar to the
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decided on the same day. One of these was the case of the
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on both sides at the inferior maxillary articulation.
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ately after he was put on ten grains of quinine daily, and in a short time he
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Our knowledge of recurrent zoster is of comparatively recent date,
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will do everything but cure the disease. Their charity is like that
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The Influence of Dilution on the Activity of the Tuberculous
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experience in the use of the instrument ; moreover, a microscope must
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been put up by some of my associates with the Martin band and we like
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there are exceptions to this and directly the opposite may be the case.
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very obscure, but seem to be unaccompanied by murmur. The limits of
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this Department, 13 13 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, New York
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bed in a drowsy, sleepy lethargic state, answering questions in a
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vaccination there is rarely a rupture but a gradual transition from the
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quite as characteristic as are their congeners in the pharynx, or
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one-eighth inches in diameter, deeply grooved into four grooves in a longi-
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and covering a long period of time. I am firmly of the opinion
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placenta is in front of the head it is felt a spongy mass between the fingers
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undertaken, and should be given heart tonics and general treatment during
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anywhere. This means very careful histories, and very careful ex-
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has observed that errors have resulted most frequently from lack
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fifty per cent." It is scarcely necessary for me to state that the greater
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resistant mass is formed by the stagnation of fecal matter.
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septic or suppurative peritonitis, when the infection, unlimited
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in protoplasm, which constitutes its metabolism are the basis
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congestion, hemorrhages, with later irregular heart action, muscular
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easily entered. A fully developed foetus lay in a muscular sac to the left of
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Bedford Avenue, Wednesday, February 5th, 1919, at 8:30 p. m.
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found in making a diagnosis even after the abdomen has been
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'^ The existence of a process of peritoneum passing from the
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a Yankee I will answer this question by asking another.
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ment of her illness. During her stay in the hospital her temperature
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evacuated; the inner lining of its walls and a part of the sac removed.
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Chloral. Grs. v. T. I. D. Soda Bicarb. Grs. xx. Colonic irriga-
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is a prescription, within the Revenue Code 1852, amended in
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In this way I alternated the flow of water and forcible kneading
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The recognition of two important facts, of which the discerning
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is still quite thick. The uterine cavity is dilated by means of tampons of
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sexual impulse is at hand and the emotional desire is greatest, the
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Essay in 1886 ; and he was invited to deliver a course of lectures at the