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some points of clinical importance. The pupils are in general dilated, and
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Among these is a form of prurigo, sometimes called Impetigo
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pneumothorax were present, confirming the x-ray picture of a
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over, suffering great tenesmus and pain. On examination, I
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forty- eight hours after the administration of the drug. I cer-
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tion for tinct. actcea, 3 X gtt. ij., every two or three hours.
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Bacteriology, Army Medical Service Graduate School. This deter-
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nephrosis and severe diabetes, there may be chronic
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The potassium carbonate especially is likely to contain
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stipation so effectual as to cause complete inanition of the bowels
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C. F. Goodell, M. D., Hahnemann Medical College, Class '&$, has located at
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20 or 25 ml of HCI solution of the normality for which the other
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in the diluted urine will be the same as the concen-
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(b) Similarly contaminate a sterile swab with the sus-
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been applied, notably in the prophylaxis against diphtheria. Here it is
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chloroform (an amorphous bitter glucoside being obtained), which
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perfringens (welchii), CI. septicum (Vibrion septique),
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ations, and the incurable diseases, idiocy, and insanity growing
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stinacy, and impulses to commit wrong acts were present again ;
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taken place, the contents of each were carefully weighed and
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tion to make use of it for several day: , when the pulse had come
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The election of officers resulted as follows : Robert Hall, M. D.,
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S is the reading of the standard, U of the unknown.
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123) or oxidation-reduction reactions (pars. 124 and 125.)
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or that of her child shall pay the forfeit, has already been referred
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there may be bleeding from the mucous membranes and into the cellular