Scottish National Library ; and Messrs. A. and C. Black.

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forced out through that in the abdomen. The patient should

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atrophy by a long interval, the following, which I have lately seen, is a

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•616 Roberts, SirW. On the chemistry and therapeutics of

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personal observation. Dr. Jas. M. Minor, of Brooklyn, has

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eous exhalations of the breath; these form the two com-

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2; 1885, i; 1886, ?o; 1887, 7; 1888, 2; 1889, S; 1890, 2;

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was present. I tied the mattress sutures over rolls of

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with Graves's disease, but similar nail changes might be due to various causes.

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be deduced: (1) If the agglutination reaction quickly increases in intensity

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such financial anasmia as may mark the condition of some present.

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leans. 1 find that in the last five years there have been

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vention, reported the names of Rufus Biakeman, P. A. Jewett,

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taining the honor and increasing the usefulness of medical science we

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The treatment of gunshot fracture of the long bones varies in

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her couditiou is one of apparent perfect health now,

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anticipated that event with no little anxiety, and not

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nounced its occurrence. Bearing in mind these difli-

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It would l>e a sin of omission if I neglected to mention the

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by Dr. S. Solis-Cohen before the N. Y. County Medical Associa-

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had of the Chairman of the Committee, J. H. Musser, M. D., 1927 Chest-

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the bowels had been opened naturally every morning ; she still took

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when charged with the fluid to be evaporated, is then lodged

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The more immediate goals of the health worker — efficient sani-

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(Journ. de Med., July 25, 1896,) of considerable importance in the diagnosis