The gist of it is that he had one case living ten years after operation
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cerning the presence of this bacillus in market milk were confirmed.
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as a result of auto-suggestion when the synovitis disappeared ; by
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separated from the Mussulman's house by a small cowshed only.
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Bernard's experiments^ in which he showed that irritation
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For the week ending March 25th, in Boston, accordino: to ob-
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first of its kind, both as to the number and worth of its
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1852 a. — A singular case [of worms between the peritoneum and the abdominal
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Regarding the etiology of this peculiar afiection, nothing is known.
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Par., 5. s., v. 8, Bull. (3), pp. xxxy-xxxyi. [W a , W c .]
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of cholera spirilla toxic substances, which are liberated only when the bac-
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low grade iridocyclitis, made the case still more atypical.
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milk from affected cows, but instances of infection by inoculation were
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Family history : Father living and well ; mother died at 40, cause