the medicine. Tho^eci oil, often though erroueously called oil ofmtwe^
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well-stopped bottles. The salt is composed of three equivalents of acid
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that it waB a fashion among the hoys in Philadelphia to inliale ether for
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should bo quite emptied of urine, as this fluid would otherwiso aerve tcJ
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rendering it less pervious to the air. How the exclusion of the air
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spects were accelerated to equalize the eventual results in these animals with those
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hellebore, ginger, castor, and iodine are made with the stronger alcohol ;
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oi^anic change in the muscle. The credit of first ascertaining its true
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the dried herb seems to consist mainly of the stems, with a few shrivelled
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and patients can remain in it longer without exhaustion. Hence it may
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weight they should shew that milk is not coagulated, but
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bat becomes yellow by age. Its odour is strong, and resembles that of
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now generally felt, which is sometimes quiet; but in other eases is at-
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mod that if I could find a medicine which would correct this uhvrativ^
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tion to the extremities. Nor is there a more beautiful exer-
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often rest on the view which may be entertained of the mode of action
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Ammoniac is used externally, as a local stimulant, in the form of
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priate ; and, in the epidemics of this complaint, it has been among the
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ication, or stupor. But in disease their effects are very obvious; the
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of the various preparations most completely representing it.
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rately to diagnosticate, and, having tried the remedy in this affection, 1
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injected, as well as the instrument itself, should be at about the tempera-
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to a pint; and two drachms of bniiscd cinnamon might sometimes be
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fevers^ that the alcoholic remedies generally prove most useful ; but most
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L088 of taste f or of smell, deafness, and amaurosis, when purely nerv-
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be wanting ; for they often serve, by stimulating the blood-producing
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laat; and the po*»se>»sion, there^re, of this prr>perty. or that of depression,
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of ale or porter, to the amount of a pint or more in twenty-four hours.
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bottle, it becomes nearly colourless. It is the common form for the
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ing the roots of plants : and from the same cause, we explain
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acid, whilst the other wines hold the tartaric acid in solution
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phere — Cold and Dry Atmosphere— Cold and Moist Atmosphere — Sudden
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it*H*^^g crrtsiB processes of nature, bj which liquids in a state of ex-
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of alcohol. It will be seen that, in this process, all substances in opium
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therefore, as well as a stimulant ; and this view certainly best explains
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he has a dejection from the bowels daily. Much will de-
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in doses of from five to ten grains, repeated every ten minutes until the
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Dr 01. Bernard, of Paris, has observed that the injection of carboDJe
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aia I .-houid prf^fer to the alcoholic stimulants, as It excites the hean.
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a woman in New York, for whom the inhalation of ether was used to relicTe Tioleni
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From the small intestines, and especially from the jejunum,
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