or refutal of such statements. This may prove to be
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Can the intralaryngeal operation itself be held accountable for any
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wounds are — first, that they accomplish little or nothing in the way of
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The worst weed in the state ; a positive pest in the hay fields.
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far advanced that the patient was able unassisted to raise the
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and 58) were quite within normal limits. This is additional evidence
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the outflow of bile must needs be followed by a reabsorption of bile
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many of the microbes in it, having only just come under its influence,
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The names of those Members who are exempt from taxation by
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cation of the caustic itself is not followed by the serious consequences many
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ance, I left, directing that I should be called if my
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tent to the task. While then we admit that his book contains
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of Asklepios ; (2) that a man, blind of one eye, being
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intestine by the incision, to unite the lips of the intestinal wound
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that we have the best drainage possible. (Dr. Long also gave an
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arises during the course of rheumatic pericarditis. White patches
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heaviness in the limbs and anorexia, one for three, the other for six days previously ;
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i^pfa, aur benigna btibofiis vel parotidis eruptio, quae ma-
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ways : "A neuralgic woman seems thus to be peculiarly unfor-
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done, without hurting the patient or injuring the splint. This section
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carefully. Other measures should be first used, and
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the errors, as even the jerks are irregular and inappropriate in range and
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ond from original from meninges of cow, also 0.5 c.c. of the
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the sake of locating the ovary, because if this organ is