followed in five or six hours by a marked retardation of coagulation.

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ful agony of a major surgical operation was of course the

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was visiting hospitals. There was hardly an institution

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Whereupon Voted to accept the above report of the Presi

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structed what is called the vibrating helmet which was

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period in which the operation may be performed into the

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weak and without appetite by night she would be per

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profit companies can raise capital by selling shares of the

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justify my recommending it. Since then it has seemed to effect a

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But as in the case of anaesthesia from lesions of the

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completely established. In this instance the habit of tobacco

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WiBHART Dr. spontaneous cure of aneurism of tbe aiteria ioaDminaka.

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and inability to recognize the position of the atfected limbs.

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and oval bodies previously described are mere modifications of epidermic

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surgical procedure. One was an extensive naevus of the cheek

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Aye Get Good Blood but How Not by the Alimentary Procesa

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change in the administration at Quarantine. It is of course con

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sults obtained by the others by the fact that the hepatic

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Hauser by injecting cultures of bacteria into the dead bodies of men

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department is the instruction given to the junior men on the staff

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anodyne liniments or even moderate counter irritation with chloroform

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walk miles or lift heavy weights can not perform deli

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Tertiary Symptoms or Sequels. I have endeavoured to draw a

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of facts already ascertained namely the lowering of the arterial tension the

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antigens. An investigation of the cause of deterioration of potency is

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date. Believing as we do that in teaching physiology the student s

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in the cap over six hours. Patient clinically was typical of duodenal ulcer.

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little comment to be made. In dealing with the liver hydatid

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St. John s Day when the plague has hardly disappeared the

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continued use of phosphorus is to cause a diminution of the coloured discs.

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be said of homoeopathy as Macaulay once did of the schools

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tion of long standing. In addition to these common pathological

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A petechial eruption occurs in about per cent of the cases Mur

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