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effects have been seen in animals at doses about 10 times the maximum recommended
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the Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and of the United States. With many new
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has been frequently perceived on the post-mortem table.
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brain, the lungs, and other important organs ; and in some instances the
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alveolar carbon dioxid which occurs in acidosis is more or less parallel
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Spring-clip forceps for controlling hemorrliage from margin of scalp flap
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disease in them. Make the opening large and deep enough.
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duced by a simple fall, as, for example, against a chair. The jury,
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comparing the optical activity of the various samples obtained by
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falsehood. If a man is laboring under the impression that he
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heaviness or drowsiness and languor ; grinding of the teeth ; or
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him on the use of Peruvian bark, next day however, returned to the ve-
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immediately there was an outflow of mucus from the mouth,
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the International Reform Bureau gathered for annual meeting,
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was struck by lightning ; the cow was killed, and she was felled to the
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has expired, they pass into the Medical Staff Corps Reserve.
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in typhoid ulcer and in ulcerations of the intestinal canal