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P. A. Surgeon H. K. Carter, granted leave of absence for six
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general hyperesthesia. Invasion of the cornea being
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can originate — 1. From the remains of embryonic formations-
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ability to summarize succinctly, to bring back to the center of attention
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Hospital, &c. With about Two Hundred and Fifty Illustrations. Third Edition, Enlarged
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day, leaving, as in man, a slight cicatrix, which per-
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not require so much care as large ones, nor always house confinement.
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magnetic needle is also a valuable means of diagnosis. If the foreign
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rican citizen to require any eulogy at my hands. The beauty of her location, her
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an ignoble passion, and instead of marrying the author of such a
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symptoms of dull, aching pains and tenderness, while diarrhoea,
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Biedl*^ and Dand}-^^ subjected dogs, and Exner and Boesse/*
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aie the most frequent. Cicatrization of tuberculous (scrofulous) ulcers
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are only approximately correct. No two samples yield the same results.
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hours in a sham fight. The colonel commanding the regiment
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and Myers, MC-AUS, in a recent article in War Medi-
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menus; the conservation of foods; the proper refrigeration of foods
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skirts of New Haven, and not, as reported, in one of
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printed pages, with 236 illnstrations, extra cloth, $7 00; leather, raised bands, $8 00
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menstruation and amenorrhcea are much more frequent. Leucorrhoea is also
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proximation plates should be such as to resist the action
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the striking name of rousers. They are composed of six or
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of the timeliness of its appearance, the mass of useful informa-
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tions are met with ; and not only may the most grotesque grimaces be
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certainly not a contagious one, in the usual sense. For
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Sig. — Apply at bedtime for several nights, then shampoo.
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drugs as far as it is known is very clearly stated. Above all things,
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painful to contemplate; but I will not expose him. Anyhow the
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Haemolysis after 1 hour at 37° and 18 hours at room temperature of
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