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fell in an elevator through seven stories. A roll of
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The subject of toxemia as a result of over-radiation has not been
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spaced injections of horse serum in animals are very characteristic, and
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Plutarch. It happened that while Alexander the Great
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Cask IV. — ^A machinist has been growing deaf; for some
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creative machinery of man. Along the track of the descent of the
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seem as if the mass of mankind had a continued hankering
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The fact of the absence of fat is not stated in this report, but
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was from lying so long. During the day we examined her
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Hypertrophy of tonsils. No varices of oesophagus. Thyroid dis-
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Newborn, Robert James. Instructor in Medicine. Assistant
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advice of The Willows Magazine: "Keep the patient's
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in thirty-one instances, and dilatation of both sides in seven instances,
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Will be published in an early number of the Rkview.
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if walking causes no pain, and adults need their arms.
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Saltzman, Steven Paul. Clinical Instructor in Surgery
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ever, and in 4 cases only was the " pitting " at all severe.
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the London Congress last June was its fine museum. All curators
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example of retrocession to the heart. In this instance, a gentle-
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the crossed pyramidal tracts, in the cervical region only a portion of the former
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through which partial exhaustion of the flask starts the syphon action. Care
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be ruptured; (3) the presentation must be suitable; (4) there must
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in the limbs. While such ophthalmoplegia is progressing, the movements
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danger, although it is not so common a pitfall as has been recently alleged.
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both eyes. Next to hemiplegia, there is no more decisive evi-
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is divided into nine districts, and to each one is assigned
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Or smile when you have lost your beau's phone call.
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to cope with strenuous efforts, and the pulse becomes rapid on