This Committee consisted of Drs. P. Lapham, O. J. Mattocks, and S.
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when the movements of the tongue are only relatively slightly impaired.
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cele consists in the disappearance of the tumour under compression. In Egypt
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ance of exercising our own reasoning faculties. We must not
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lung fever, though receiving the freest support from the
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The left arm is passed between the legs from before
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•> DuDMN Quarterly Journal of Medical Sciknce, August, IHOH.
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resonant chambers of the pharynx, buccal cavity, naso-
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Consumption. — Herm. Brehmer, Die chronische Liingenschwindsucht, ihre
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which offers undoubted advantages over the older antiseptics. This
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" therapeutic conversations," in which the cause of the symptoms
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inches, and thus takes up little room in an ordinary pocket.
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The question of classification and nomenclature of primary malig-
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A tubal pregnancy may be unrecognized, but there can be no
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that already admitted, as by artificial respiration, pressure
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sleepiness, and for cold feet and hands, and other eom-
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only veterans left are "Dick" Davies and "Bill" Miner. Davies is captain
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Transfer the magma of calcium hydroxide to a filter and wash
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Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., to Harvard College, which
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always been quite small. Among the few instances in which
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new bone was irregular in distribution and was composed of numerous osteo-
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the uterus as we would the external tissues, and if ever that
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One full sized sixteen-ounce bottle, price $1.00 retail, will be sent to any physician who will pay express charges pa delivery.
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to the nature of glanders, we have unavoidably touched upon their
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it of great hypnotic value, producing natural sleep promptly
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of a positive opinion as to the extent to which this or any other standard
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not be ascertained ; appetite considerable; mental faculties impaired.
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liarities. If, however, the kidney pain is continuously severe,
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they return to spread the seeds of the loathsome disorder ! Men of