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optic neuritis, which not infrequently, in conjunction with headache, vertigo,
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that in hysterical attacks which have come on immediately after a severe
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phenomenon, depends probably on an interruption of the pyramidal tracts.
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adonis vernalis in 180 parts of water, to which 8 to 12 parts of bromid are
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Stndents oan also enter for mngle conrseB of leotores, or for the medical or
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(Diseases of Women and Children) is given in a total of 240 lessons.
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ness — that is, the normal mental estimate and consequently the " understand-
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"Oharteris" (elementary). Midwifery — "Meadows." Botawy ^»
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manent cure of epilepsy, yet a favorable influence can be exerted upon the
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nation, viz.: (1) Anatomy; (2) Physiology; (3) Pathological Anatomy and
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or not. This undoubted and close connection existing between chorea, articu-
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(the author, Oppenheim, and others), a curable form of encephalitis also
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3. EQUIPMENT AaOWANCE AND mwmiZATIOR. Training equipment required tO conduct
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!l£l6nients de Chirurgie Operatoire," Holmes' "System of Surgery,"
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tional instances that sugar can be demonstrated in the saliva. In severe cases
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names of Thomson or Traquair, or to natives of the town!or county of
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liberty which waa unknown in the facnltiea. Thia liberty ia atill to-day the-
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t^Dgether with their flat< and fillers. Determine the case net
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(6) All InsUncts of nom:dR|}H«nce In tfit d«11 v«ry
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Davis, Robert McAllister, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '34.
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and those of the summer quart»«. The winter course comprises
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pation during this brief suspension of consciousness. For example, if seized
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taneous and tendon reflexes. Such a paralysis can be produced by nothing
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^ *# »»f4« » loutf w«f«. THU win oaiy to t{»
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iS) CIS Fors 1^ (Flptre 4.)» VeterlRtiy fl^ropsy ite^ort. Is taed to record the
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3. EQUIPMENT AaOWANCE AND mwmiZATIOR. Training equipment required tO conduct
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ster " instead of " wrestler," and " belnow " instead of " below," This mild-
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establishment. Only Europeans and Eurasians are admitted to this
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be studied in all its stages. The Hospital possesses a branch house at
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cranial bones, and in particular to disease of the petrous portion of the tem-
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which are included in the systematic course on the Institutes. (2)
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important causal factor. In hard drinkers it is not very unusual for the hem-
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onfMBls dorliig- tiio OQorie of tl» r»aaf«ti and at tiioes i^toalty a^lstlos iff sttr^fcal
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rttfKirts. Satiafaetory ach£a'^e^»nt eofialats of attainit^ a neore of not le«a
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ceeding to this — the main purpose of the work — it may be well to offer
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b. Head is removed beyond point' of pithing or sticking and contaminated neck
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the requisite knowledge and skill for the efficient practice of dentistry
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other to the posterior roots — indicates, without doubt, separate physiological
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proper asylum is often most urgently to be recommended, while for cases that
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In almost all old cases of ulnar paralysis a very characteristic position of
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veqninte for the same. For all cases of gold filling, permission must be obtained
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good tocbfilouesi tbe metbod you use d^Ms do year pmofia! prefefafH^'imd ^cp&Heiico.
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Officer of Health cannot in any case be converted into inscriptions for
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apt to recover with remarkable rapidity from the effects of excessive hemor-