evening visit the blood was observed to have a slight greenish film

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serum to agglutinate the blood of certain other persons, and on the

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seems to be about as follows: The effect of a single injection upon the

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The ventricles are distended by a serous fluid, usually turbid from admix-

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tumn of 1645. The train of^ symptoms and the progress of the dis-

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scientific physician by the aid of his microscope and

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place between the twentieth and thirtieth day after parturition, and

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they believed was now opening upon them — is this possible, if they

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and 76^ ; whilst that given for the whole month was 75i. The 16th

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in her case might be termed very great comfort. Since that period

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Morbid Anatomy. — Usually two or three spinous processes and lamina? are

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with radium was one of inoperable carcinoma of the cervix. The

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mors, and absent in softening. The limbs are princijjally involved in soft-

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doe, in Arabic, by Ahmud-bin«Muhmood Chucnmeenee; with a

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being less each succeeding time the wounds were dressed. Picric

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tuberculosis. No family history. Small nodules occurred all over the face.

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been found in Alabama. It is not, however, confined to the blacks

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Etiology. — Writer's cramp, like other similar conditions, as from violin

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authorized by the Society for the rreventif)n of Cruelty to

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On motion, the College then proceeded to elect a Vice President,

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twelfth number of the Summary of the Transactions of the College,

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noted. The stomach contained a small amount of bile-stained, acid fluid. There

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I have made an article closely resembling this, an^^^f

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in two; and is favorable to both: of Dr. Pierson, of Salem, Mass.,

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night when warm in bed. It prevented sleep,, and a pocket-handker-

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had no doubt of the destruction of the epithelium of the mucous

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to Aschoff, are often arranged like a rosette about a center of necrotic confluent

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interested him, and if the Ck>llege had nothing better to occupy their

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the lower curve was irregular while the upper curve was not disturbed, showing

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in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, being the substance of

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which there is loss of coordinating power, and a period of paralysis. Dur-

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cal differentiation of the small thymus cells into granular lympho-

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cc. capacity, using 300 cc. of city tap water. Four basins with five tadpoles

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factory. The first announcement of the discovery in England was

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For a visit as consulting physician during the night, 1 10 00

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patients ; others regard the disease as due to a change in the normal rela-

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The difficulty which arises in interpreting these experiments lies

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y all the cases, the veins of the pia mater were more or less dis«

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softening, thrombosis of the cerebral sinuses, serous effusions into the

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the latter are Oppolzer and Skoda. Senile changes in the brain and cord

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* Locl<hart Clark states that he has somi^times found the extremities of the posterior comua, and even

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In chronic anterior polio-myelitis atrophy follows the paresis and the

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derer Briicksichtigung der Technik, Jena, 1901, Plate I, Fig.- 16.

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