5. Wet JY, Markis JE. Malagold M, Braunwald E: Cardiovascular reflexes
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The pyramidal tract is located in the anterior funiculus and forms a sharply out-
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1,200 having availed themselves of the opportunity.
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and a copy, duly attested, be presented to his family.
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pathetic phenomena may even exist without any appreciable irritation of the
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dental forceps (still in use, in 1947, by his son and his grandson, dentists in
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cases the turbinates ap])ear as but slight ridges on the exterior
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being built for the care and treatment of epileptics.
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in 21.4 per cent of all cases of malignant disease — more
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Med.-Ztg., Berl., v. 15 (52), 2. Juli, pp. 587-589. [\V m .]
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i. Wounds of the neck with threatened or actual edema of
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in the Women’s Reformatory at Shakopee, where she
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privation of oxygen, and some, it would appear, can live alto-
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at the suggestion of wicked men or misguided women, the right
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carried by it into the water was at least 100 times greater than
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sexual relations being assumed. He cited, as illustrative, the
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Britain, Canada and the United States, together constitute a fu-
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lipaemia in a diabetic patient. During life the blood appeared as a
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plane with the sphincter ani and rectum, by introduc-
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the grains, this being also influenced by their external shape. The size
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the right occipital lobe, possibly embolic in character ; though it nuglit
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the limh it forms the splint. A splint-hlank, there-
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less than in the corresponding quarter of the two previous years, and the
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practice of their profession. It considers the majority
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observation remained unclouded. Even in the short time he had
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(1) Double-retained Testicle in which the Left Testicle was Trans
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the lungs, kidneys, and mucous membranes, were explained by
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of emphysema under the use of the above mentioned liniment,
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suddenly without any pain, but he reckoned that there were
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both towards the median line and behind the anterior pillars
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lide. complete relief following full doses ; and like
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groups on athletic injury prevention ♦'or the young athlete.
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its. Had had for the past two months a feeling of languor,
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that there were a certain proportion of cases in which
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horse, but in dogs we have seen much fever, malignant sore throat, some
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witli smut on the farm as well as in the country gen-
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