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The present edition of this valuable Index has been extensively revised

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Females in New England are worse off than the other sex in the depriva-

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cases of cancer of the cervix; and in cases of cancer of the

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Echinodermata furnish other evidence. The ancient CysHdea and CrinoideOy

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proximity to the heart and the secretions abundant.

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To apply this, the limb must be thoroughly inspected to find out what

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it may be taken as supporting and strengthening the g^wing

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pressure causes irritation of the cornea, leading by summation to

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In July, 1857, she had gained in strength, and her appearance was

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Deaths reported 2.061 : under five years of age 866 ; principal

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the leading question, should we feed fevers ? For myself, I have

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was a case, then, of rapid, moist gangrene, following a

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coats of an artery, with consequent dilatation of the

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personal experience which gives to him a clear conception

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or a quiescent state usually comes unsought. Volun-

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the urine is albuminous. This is incorrect : we frequently found

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with neurasthenia or hysteria. Latah patients are usually women ;

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of smallpox, even though it may appear in the beginning to naked-eye

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to turn it to useful advantage. The weak point about the

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advised in the first stages — and then it must be commenced

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years of unproductive married life, followed, after the birth of one

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ance of their causes ; and it is as useless to look for

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it, and pack in the barrel, having first covered the bottom

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there was no specific treatment but if there were such a treatment he

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the environment. The 19 islands, and their roughly 145 protect-

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Ihe dung are swallowed by crustaceans in which they en-

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destruction. In such a case, moreover, with severe bilateral lesions,

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rarely takes place in these cases, and out of twenty recorded cases, two only

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