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lates tends to similar results in the arterial system. These, however, are
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special set of receptors seem necessary to enable Ammocoetes '
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eases, to protract his examination, and procure his escape."
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caused by the steam from the hot swill, from the breath of the
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but the accessory complication. If such horses have laid upon one
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great importance in the production of brain abscesses. Small veins pass,
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from tlie different sources, I found that only a very few had
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exceptions are very numerous. Perhaps the answer will be.
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der. There was nothing characteristic about it when
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contained in a proper basin, add the citric acid, and heat the mixture to 160%
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would be shut off from the lungs, leaving them blood-
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The old saying, "An ounce of preventive is better than
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For aspiration of the pericardium an exploring syringe or hypo-
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years which preceded, and the ten years which followed, the period
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by the people of Havana to have been brought among them from the windward
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evidenced by the fact that such a wave is absent from an intracardiac
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not intended to take the rifling of the guns from which they are
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Therapeutics at Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh, From the Transactions of the
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ankle clonus was marked ; on the outer aspect of the
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symmetrical. In syphilitic endarteritis obliterans, the thickened
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because it girds and surrounds it just as a crown ; but when
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oculi with the ophthalmoscopic mirror; study of the
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statement that the dropsy of renal disease was due immediate!}'
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of our urban communities. Reference might be made to the extensive
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admitted to hospital under Dr. Ross, with necrosis of
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tent, 1 ; and typhus fever, 1 ; dysentery, 3 ; chronic dianhoea, 2 ; pneu-
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injurious. Besides, many of the symptoms might just as properly be