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Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, McGill College.

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might be considered with the symptoms of Social Ataxy, but as they

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all give negative results. These tests are, according

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The one female patient was left in the open ward for one day under

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In making two varieties each of polymorphs and rosins, Busch

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Ipivea for dispensing medicines in their various forms ; and

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formed. In the medullary form the abundant cells often cover

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a severe hemorrhage from the bowel as to cause collapse. This occurred again on

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the recovery being complete, and in the other case the affection

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contains about 1 Cc. of paregoric and \ Cc. of sweet spirits of

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the close of the first week, or in the second week, — we find

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had scarlatina on Dec. 15th last ; the anointing was fully carried

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Not at all common ; in a muddy bog in Lander, August 3, 189^

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Eicchi working on this subject, classifies the results of his bac-

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Physician in the Audience: How can you conveniently

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medical attention to the ovaries and womb, and to the extremities

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Marcos, while yet a growing lad, left home with his

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cessation. This is entirely borne out by facts. If the disease does not

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cent, carbolic lotion was at first used as an injection. This caused such a

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tone and vigor to the circulation and the muscles, plumpness to the form,

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In kidney disease of long standing, say from six months to a year,

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media or posterior-basic meningitis ; and the same statement may be

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