remarkable, produced in the female system, and attributable, to
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duced was a subjective improvement of the general condition. Objective
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letter. Address JOHN P. MORTON & COMPANY, Louisville, Ky.
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although often both in rabbits and in human beings there is no defect in
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glanders, anthrax, as well as those peculiar to one species or an-
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jerk, on the same side as the cerebellar lesion, is exaggerated ; this is
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the relative merits of any special method of cure of any spe-
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In short, their production is exactly similar to that of any other secreted
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B = the percentage of CO 2 or O 2 in the expired air of large expiration,
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abbreviated by the failure of the great majority of stu-
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Wm. H. W., M. D., Dorchester. Mass., after four months use in a "trying time of the year," said: —
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ever, the tubes were also implicated this treatment
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the seventh or eight month; the child is viable, the fetal
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the patient any appreciable difference in its effects. Cases of this
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take a walk, or, better stiU, according to Sydenham, to ride on horse-
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the pulse at the wrist should be carefully noted during auscultation :
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ble. The vehicle conveying the body must be thoroughly washed
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Very rare, not found at all by the writer; collected at Wheatland,
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[tression in courteous speech and manners on all occa-
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he struggled long and severely without being able to pronounce it,
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of the nitrogenous metabolites. Such methods have been furnished by
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\eumann, assistant to Prof. Schrotter in the Vienna
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to the establishment of veterinary schools in this countrj'-, fortu-
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plates. The seeds for the test were all selected under a
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means had failed, Dr. W. Eurye, of Budapest ( Orrosi Heti
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tion of the small cephalic lobes of the lungs. Cultures from this exudate remained
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