a family disease — where spastic rigidity and paresis develop not only in the
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oer second. The milk is propelled under a pressure of about 2.500 pounds oer sauare
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lobar and diffuse sclerosis, affecting certain convolutions, an entire lobe, or
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— muscular atrophy and increased tendon reflexes in the upper extremities and
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General Therapeutics, and the Institutes of Medicine, or Physiology and General
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If you answered both of the above questions correct Iv, vou are readv to
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oretical grounds, inhalations of nitrite of amyl, 3 to 5 drops on a napkin,
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tions, and lectures: 8 hours a week. Autumn, M., Tu., W., Th., 9:00-11 :00, Cannon,
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cular sense (sensations of motion and position) as well as of the so-called
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(Back Muscles, Abdominal Muscles, Respiratory Muscles)
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in cases of thermic fever — the heart, and especially the left ventricle, is firmly
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for some time. In many .instances the brain is abnormally small (micro-
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twirled ("C" qual iFy)^"^^ Plainly visible - outline produces a dark shadow when
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found in the expectoration in bronchial asthma. Their formation probably
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ihird section : Materia Medica, Pharmacology, Pathology and Greneral
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masticatory paralysis, and also ocular paralyses, usually as a part of the tabetic
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prescribed and of English passages into Latin, the principal Latin
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when the second motor neurons are affected, is added atrophy of the muscles,
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counteract the- MOcSnesses of the "slow wttfted" of freezing?
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and sometimes even in old cases, we can often obtain a complete cure. There
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ensue complete rigidity and immobility of the face. At the same time or
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less in the position it has previously occupied. If its position be altered by
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frran one of the colleges of a country represented in the State Couneil.
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It is very striking that syringomyelia, which is not a particularly rare dis-
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the adjacent dura mater is reached, if the inflammatory process becomes en-
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will revlan pHor to* air dlsetoslon pf 1f»>imi^. HituHty wid Hpmm', esitrollad
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toms will prove indirect, and therefore capable of improvement, so that
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in the other centers), but also to the same side. A unilateral focus of disease
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The treatment of hysterical spasmodic conditions often causes greater diffi-
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Kramer, Bernard Martin, a, w, sp, Perth Amboy, N.J. A.B. (U. of Pennsylvania) '34;
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never lasts longer than a few minutes, is associated with convulsive respira-
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beciles, who, although in other respects they present the mental characteristics
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decomposed, or unwholesane pntt^cB is Issued or offered for sale." \ *.ain,na«a.
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clinical types. We would emphasize the fact once more that transition forms
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