the expression is frequently used, " the least thing in the world gives me
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officially to examine a bunch of 10,000 New Mexican lambs
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glands, which are endodermal in origin. Just as it is more or less
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taug^ht, the paucity of true pathological research among
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From the tonsils, pharyngeal, buccal, sublingual, and many
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*' The subclavian artery being compressed, I commenced by making an oval
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quite, as certain as by chloroform or ether, and the danger to life
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prior to the appearance of the block. Such an observation was used
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elements, (d) In the albuminuric form white spots forming stellate
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pool to be designated as " the ceramic city " of America.
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ficial and deeper parts, the latter through sympathy, pro-
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Thus far this, the Canada Thistle, has been reported from only
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evening meal, and that it smelt and tasted lijce a very fine
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clinics. The greatest number of cases occur in the winter months. Of 95
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firmly in the regular profession. It happens sometimes, however, that
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nurses will be given a preliminary course of training in the hospitals
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if he could work at his trade of marble polisher. His
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spaces. The epiderraophyton is easily killed, but it is hidden in
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difference from the classical description of the white pyogenic coccus.
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singular conclusions : — ^That the poison of a primary chancre can yet infect in coitu^ where it
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from diminution of the pressure of the wall at the part. The punc-
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was independent ; it is well known that in a certain number the
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articulation forms, its angle must be perpendicular to
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difficult to state the earliest period of the tubercular lesion at which
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present, and the possibility of thorough treatment. The
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St. Louis Medical College — Professor M. L. Linton.
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a small dose of morphia may have a quieting effect, but this drug should
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8 Pte. I., General paralysis with left ophthalmoplegia following